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We are working hard to create strong hotel brands and new jobs in a labour market of Baltics and Europe.

Our team
Jelena Stirna

Jelena Stirna

Strategic Director/CEO

Representative of the values and culture of Mogotel Hotel Group. She has 15+ years of experience in hotel industry, 8 years as Mogotel Hotel Group CEO. She is talented and enthusiastic personality, who knows every detail of hotel business. Jelena is a responsible and convincing leader of a team of more than 350 employees.

Email: development@mogotel.com

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Sabīne Krieviņa

Sabīne Krieviņa

Administrative Director/CAO

20+ years of experience in hotel and travel industry. 5+ years in Mogotel Hotel Group in leading positions.

Phone: +371 29335583
Email: sabine.krievina@mogotel.com

Irēna Voitehoviča

Irēna Voitehoviča

Procurement Director

9 years of experience in hotel and travel industry. 8+ years in Mogotel Hotel Group in leading positions.

Phone: +371 22308281
Email: irena.voitehovica@mogotel.com

Marija Mazeviča

Marija Mazeviča

Chief Accountant

More than 20 years of experience in accounting and financial management. Certification in International Financial Reporting (Cert IFR).

Phone: +371 67221705
Email: marija.mazevica@mogotel.com

Igors Porohs

Igors Porohs

Marketing Director

15 years of experience in traditional and digital marketing. Working in hospitality, entertainment and banking industries at marketing executive level.

Phone: +371 22305320
Email: Igors.porohs@mogotel.com

Gatis Švarcs

Gatis Švarcs

F&B Strategic Manager

More than 13 years of experience in F&B and M&E departments in an internationally known hotel chain. 1+ year in Mogotel Hotel Group.

Phone: +371 29800989
Email: fbmanager@mogotel.com

Inga Klavina

Inga Klavina

SPA Strategic Manager

20 years of international experience in the Hospitality industry. Held various leadership positions in the Hotel business such as F&B, conference, SPA, accommodation facilities. Since 2018, responsible for leading the SPA business in the company.

Phone: +371 29530595
Email: manager.spa@mogotel.com

Laura Rivero

Laura Rivero

Director of Revenue Management

10 years of experience in hotel industry in various positions. Skilled at developing and implementing solutions to improve sales targets. 4 years in Mogotel Hotel Group.

Phone: +371 20002863
Email: laura.rivero@mogotel.com

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