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Full spectrum of management services
Investment & Consulting

Investment & Consulting

Mogotel’s global view and strict focus on market data, as well as deep knowledge of local trends, will help you to choose the right project to invest in and effectively manage your investments. Hotel management area and financial specialists will support you in issues related to project development, restructuring or purchase.

Mogotel’s investment and consulting strategies correspond to the highest requirements of investors, banks, as well as other financial institutions. Based on the existing condition of objects, competitor analysis, as well as based on current trends in the hotel industry, Mogotel will develop a detailed action plan in order to carry out optimum investment with maximum investment return.

  • Help in long-term investment planning
  • Investment strategy development
  • Formulating client investment strategies, helping them fulfil their needs and goals
  • Valuation for appraisal of hotel assets
  • Consulting in strategy and development
  • Hotel project screening
  • Strategic Planning
  • Calculation of the return of investment and the yield
  • Investment analyses
  • Pricing appraisal in the hotel industry
  • Acquisitions of the hotel

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Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Mogotel provides services for different types of cooperation. It can be exclusively sales and marketing support or full management where sales and marketing is part of services provided from total package.

Under sales services there are a lot of different fields what we need to cover to create a product for our clients and investors. Major part of sales is revenue. Revenue is most important field where we need the most precise concertation on online market who is changing hour by hour. The aim is to sell the right product in the right time to the right customer. This is a confirmed key to success.

As well as revenue, corporate and group business is very important in our strategy. This brings loyal customers who choose services constantly and there is personal approach required for this part of sales. The explanation for Mogotel's success is based on the fact that we follow all changes in the market 24/7. Being first, not miss an opportunity and react immediately is the main principle of the company and we definitely try to follow that principle every day.

  • Consultations on effective operational management and hotel performance evaluation.
  • Sales and marketing strategy development, hotel pricing policy analysis
  • Hotel revenue analysis
  • Hotel personnel training
  • Operational consulting.
  • Sales and Marketing strategy planning
  • Sales and Marketing process monitoring and implementation.
  • Target customers definition
  • Marketing print materials development
  • Events management
  • Video and Photo production
  • Website development and content management
  • Digital marketing materials development
  • Web tools connection and management
  • Digital Channels connection, setup and management
  •  Online communication.
  • Analytics and Reports

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Full hotel management

Full hotel management

Hotels are managed by using our knowledge and the team of experienced specialists, as well as world-known innovative technologies in the area in order to raise their value in society and among owners. We offer detailed recommendations for the improvement of business results by evaluating the hotel’s internal processes, comparing them with area tendencies and competitor activities.

The Mogotel team will help you to increase productivity for your business, achieve your targets and increase asset value. Our target is to maximally upgrade and improve internal processes by promoting the hotel’s assets to operate in the most efficient way.

  • Increase in sales volume and market share.
  • Guaranteed reservations from new clients.
  • Clear and transparent financial reporting.
  • Hotel revenue analysis.
  • Revenue consultation.
  • Revenue management.
  • Costs management.
  • Profit management.
  • Consultations on effective operational management and hotel performance evaluation.
  • Sales and marketing strategy development, hotel pricing policy analysis.
  • Double value increase in 2-3 years.
  • Human resource management and training program.
  • Cost - efficient procurement strategy / tenders.
  • Reorganization and rebranding of existing hotels.
  • KPI Analysis.
  • Expenditures monitoring and control of cost efficiency.

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New project development

New project development

Based on our knowledge and experience in the development of several new projects, we offer you help in the project development and management process. The Mogotel team will help you to evaluate the project’s financial flow, as well as make a calculation about the possible investment return based on detailed analysis of the market and operational results, characteristics of the object’s construction and layout, financial data accrued by us as a result of our business, as well as will provide a view on possible development scenarios for the project.

  • Market segmentation and defining revenue opportunities.
  • Provides new hotel concept development based on a competitive market set analysis.
  • Carrying out the full range of activities required for the new project - design, construction, decoration and launch of the hotel.
  • Developing and following a strict business plan.
  • Cost - efficient procurement strategy / tenders.
  • Assistance in negotiation and contract signing with outsourced companies and service providers.
  • Sales and marketing strategy development, hotel pricing policy analysis.
  • Technical launch of the hotel.
  • Human resource management and training program.
  • Core guidelines on brand (Wellton or Rixwell) standard implementation.
  • Full Company Review.
  • Market Position Analysis.
  • Brand Strategy & Implementation.
  • Acquisition & Dispersal Advice.
  • Market Entry Strategy.
  • Processes for the hotel pre-opening.
  • Costs for hotel pre-opening.
  • Hotel development projects.
  • Hotel rent opportunities.


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We operate hotels under following brands:
Rixwell Collection
Sky Loft
Wyndham Garden
Ibis Styles