Mogotel goes beyond existing borders!

Meet Central Hotel Ljubljana by RIJA and The Fuzzy Log by RIJA in Ljubljana, Slovenia!

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Posted: 17-08-2022

Mogotel goes beyond existing borders!

Not one but two new hotels in Ljubljana has joined Mogotel family!

Central Hotel Ljubljana by RIJA

Central Hotel is located in the heart of Ljubljana. Ljubljana is an old city that was first mentioned in written sources in 1144. Central Hotel also offers rooms with a beautiful view of 900-year-old Ljubljana Castle. Today Ljubljana Old Town is a mix of impressive architecture, a picturesque river with fascinating bridges, and lovely restaurants, bars, and cafes.

The Fuzzy Log by RIJA

In 1898, the street on which The Fuzzy Log is located was named in honor of Slovene philologist, Slavic scholar, and linguist Franc Miklošič. Miklošičeva street has been connecting Ljubljana's main square -Prešeren Square, and the city's main railway station for more than 150 years. In this area, you will be able to admire architecture of one of the most famous Slovenian architects- Jože Plečnik, many classical Art Nouveau buildings, and imposing architecture from the period between the two world wars.

Just a 3-minute walk from Ljubljana’s buzzing gathering points, find Central Hotel and The Fuzzy Log an innovative, affordable alternative to the regular hotel rooms, where those little extras make all the difference.

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